The Broken Voyage

The Broken Voyage Tamsin dancing as Hermetta Harmonious the hermit crab, with the cast of The Broken Voyage. Photograph: Nick Sayers.

Streets of Brighton, Brighton Festival, 10 May 2003

The Broken Voyage was performed by Northbrook College Physical Theatre students as part of Streets Of Brighton, during the Brighton Festival.

Directed by Maria Lloyd we developed a mutation of a circus troupe and sea creatures interacting with one another and the public. We formed a distinctive procession of otherworldly colourful characters moving through the gardens and the North Laine.

The commission included three walkabout performances that took place firstly along the Gloucester Road, through the Pavilion Gardens and later through the North Laine, Gardener Street. Within the performance of The Broken Voyage the individual characters interacted both with each other and the audience, combining static and walkabout Physical theatre.

As is the nature of street theatre, there is always an element of improvisation, due to the environment and transition of spectators.

We developed the piece with this in mind, and our characters were strong enough to adapt to their surroundings as necessary.


We have received positive audience feedback, such as…


“A beautiful and energetic collection of the melancholy and macabre”

“Appealing to all ages”

“A timeless piece”

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