Caterham School sixth form workshops

Vanity, a photo-manipulation by sixth-former Danielle.

Caterham School, Surrey, 2001 – 2002

As Caterham School’s first Artist in Residence I worked with staff to define my role and develop aims and objectives. This involved being visible and accessible to all and particularly pupils as a practising artist, liasing specifically with the art and music departments, running projects and workshops in areas around the building, training teachers in Photoshop, sharing expertise with art and design staff, technical support for students using computers, exhibition organisation and delivery, and developing methods of evaluation and feedback using video and questionnaires.

An element of the Caterham School residency was to training teachers on an INSET day to develop new skills to include in their teaching. I also gave after school sessions on Photoshop and was available during the art lessons to offer technical advice.

Two examples of sixth form Photoshop work:

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