Wick Youth Club video workshops

Wick video workshop
Tamsin leading a video workshop in the wilds of Caithness. Photograph: Jonny Broad.
Tamsin filming Jonny Broad holding a fish

New Media Meets Old Arts Regeneration Project, Wick, Scotland, January - June 2004

New Deal trainee Jonny Broad and I worked together in Wick Youth Club creating films and generating ideas. The video workshops were based around games for people to become more relaxed in using the video camera. We played pass the camera (pass the parcel but with a camera) when the music stops you have to start recording. I adapted a Physical Theatre game, which I used during Experimental Spaces into Word and Body Game. It provided a tool to encourage young people’s confidence in being behind and in front of the lens, acting out and filming happy hands, a guilty thumb, sad ear, frightened hands etc.

Haddy Holder

We formed Windowless Productions to create films that would inspire the young people. Scaling The Black Stairs is about a long Ling fish climbing these historical steps outside the youth club. Haddy Holders was an early experimental idea for the street installation. Jonny and I walked around Pulteneytown asking people in the flower shop, post office, pharmacy, a builder on the roof etc to hold a haddock in front of the camera. This received plenty of jokes and laughter. The fish (“haddy”) was a symbol of the changing fishing industry. Wick harbour was once known for its herring, now haddock is more readily available. The harbour no longer thrives as it did but people work in other places and there is an abundance of hair dressing salons!

Each young person in the group had the opportunity to create, direct and edit their own short film. They all successfully achieved finished films working an evening a week over just three months.

Hollywick Pictures presented the following films during the Opening Ceremony celebrations on Telford Street in May 2004:

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